What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

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Re: What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

I think you first have to define what's a professional gear...

To my understanding, professionals first need reliable tools.

Is the V1 reliable (I don't know about the J1,J2,V2) ?
No. The too_easy_to_accidentally_turn_wheels are a real drawback.

Then (and without priority order), professionals need their gears to :
have a complete set of accessory (fast lenses at first)
be ergonomic,
be very well build (made to last)
be easy to replace/repair in case of problem (this concerns more after sales than the camera itself)
Does the V1 fulfill all these requirements : more or less... (guess where it fail)

And of course, but the exigency level may vary here, image quality.

After all of this, you also have to define the field of photography to be considered.
Is the V1 good (or better than other existing camera) for :
Studio : probably not
Wildlife, paparazzing : YES
Landscape : probably not
Sport : may be
Street shots : certainly
Journalism : hmmm, it depends (if you need flashlights or not)
and so on...

After all these considerations, you understand that a simple answer to your question is not easy.

My 0.02€

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