Epson R3000 vs Pro 3880 - IQ and opinions (long)

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: MANY THANKS TO ALL: I have made my choice :)

NeroMetalliko wrote:

Frankly, I was initially convinced to go for the 3880, mainly for the A2 size capability, but finally I have ordered the R3000. Now it's shipping and I expect to get the printer at the end of the next week.
So, the real big fear for me will be the probably higher "clog" probability (due to small dots), yes, I know, there is not the perfect choice, let's hope for the best and only time will tell...

I have had the R3000 for about a year now and have never experienced an ink clog.  My use of this printer is sporadic and it can be idle for several weeks between uses.  The R3000 has a special coating on the printer head that Epson claims will reduce clogs.  From my experience with other printers, this new design is a significant improvement.  I believe you will be happy with your choice.


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