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The road to good powerline networking is fairly staight-forward.


research which brand/model suits your needs.

Some (most)require you to connect to the powerline unit with a cat5 cable, which is not a bad thing, but it can be avoided with some of the newer models which transmit a wireless signal from the box plugged in at the wall socket. These units usually have their own "security setup".

All of them need to be linked to your router with a network cable at the router end of the system.

Most of the inexpensive powerline sets dont have enough "speed" for streaming HD video or fast games, so be sure you get the fastest model you can afford.


Find an inexpensive phase coupler that installs in a 220 volt outlet (easy) or in  your "breaker box" (more difficult) and put it in (or have someone that knows how do it for you. (it isnt hard to do but it does require killing the power to the breaker box) Ive seen the "breaker box" type couplers for as little as $30 (US) the 220 Volt outlet type are more expensive, but easier to use (and it needs to match the outlet type)

This second step assures you will have network capability at every wall outlet in your home.

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