What is your favorite prime & why?

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Re: About the 24 PC-E... ???

The 24 PC is a great lens but I would like it if Nikon introduced a 17mm PC Lens. Thom Hogan has included one in his predictions for next year but acknowledges that in the past he has about a 50% success rate so lets wait and see what happens.

My other main work lenses are the 14 - 24 and 45mm PC which cover most things for me. My work is interiors so a 17mm PC lens would enable me to have the camera higher and shift down to lose the ceilings. With the 14 - 24 I tend to keep the camera lower than I often would like to.

I do sometimes stitch with the 24 PC but that is more for personal than work projects. Simple shift left, centre and shift right is all I do though and merging the three frames is quick in PS. Nothing fancy with my tripod or head as I don't need to rotate anything.

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