Which would you prefer to see in the next FZ?

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Re: Which would you prefer to see in the next FZ?

If the lens reach and range is to be retained or improved the sensor needs to get smaller not larger, unless you want a Bridge cam that looks like and costs as much as a Canikon with a ginormous lens.  I'd be happy if the sensor technology and the associated software for extracting the image data were to be improved at the current tiny-sensor size.  It's pretty good now - the best I've seen from a sensor this size.

What about shallow D0F?  Well, there's a technical feature of optics made into a virtue by way of necessity. 

Less noise with retention of clarity is always welcome, whether from improved sensor hardware or software.

As another poster mentioned, the EVF (and the screen, I would add) can never be too good.

If they could improve the feel of the main button, this would help a lot.  My most frustrating experience with the FZ200 is trying to use the turn & press of that button to change aperture or EVF.  It is quite hard to turn it without inadvertently pressing it.  This is a fundamental control that can annoy with vitually every use of the camera, because of this stiffness. Perhaps it will improve with use.

The lens is enough as-is, I think.  If anything I would love such a cam that had the 35mm equivalent of an 18 - 600MM lens rather than a longer tele end.  But this is moving into the territory of dreamers who have perhaps had too much grog before bedtime.  Hic! 

SirLataxe, generally a stoic unless there's a stiff control lever about.

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