What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

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Re: What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

extesd wrote:

I would like to see a professional grade Nikon 1 system camera (perhaps V series), is this too much to ask for?

How do you make one, though?

Professional right now may use a D4 and/or D800. They have great IQ (especially that sexy D800), AF, handling, battery life, viewfinders, lens selection etc. All of that is what makes it a professionals (and serious enthusiast) choice. Can Nikon 1 match any of that? Maybe AF, as the PDAF-on-sensor will surely only improve, but the rest is a resounding no.

I don't see how Nikon makes it a professional grade camera. Their immediate goal should be to compete against the other "2nd camera" systems like NEX and MFT. It could be a good, small system that you use alongside your DSLR. They should start by coming out with more lenses, as soon as possible, and the 32/1.2 is a step in the right direction.

People run in fear when I take out my D7000, when I pull out my Canon S90 they smile and perhaps jazz hands.

I get friendliest reactions when I use older medium format film cameras (haven't in some time, though). Every once in while, an older guy, surely a photographer, would spot me from a distance and shout "hey, is that a...". Haven't yet figured out what cameras attract younger ladies.

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