Olympus AF Far Superior

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Re: Olympus AF Far Superior

GMussio wrote:

Picked up an Oly EPL5 w/ kit lens for $200 less then the Fuji zoom would have cost me (I already have the XPRO1 and figured that another cam would free up the prime when I quickly need it). My goodness, the AF is something else. I did not realize how crippled the Fuji was. I was taking picks of my black lab with both. The Fuji took its time locking on and occasionally could not lock on at all. This is outside, bright and sunny. The Oly is lightning fast and locked on every time. I wish Fuji could figure out what they are doing. Image quality of the EPL5 is great, but of course, the Fuji is superior. In fact, the Fuji is so much more superior that I'm keeping both, but for anyone who says that the Fuji is not far off from the Oly in terms of AF is WAY off. It's vastly better with the Oly.

I'm surprised that you're surprised

I have an x-e1, but the AF speed is definitely not one of the reasons I bought it.  Hopefully this improves with future firmware and new models

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