What is your favorite prime & why?

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Re: What is your favorite prime & why?

One of the reasons I use primes is that they all have their own specific quality and character and also enable one to get under the f/2.8 level. I could not identify a fave - the 200 f/2 is astonishing, but not convenient for social shots or around town. The 50 f/1.2 creates a wonderfully delicate and sharp image all at the same time, but you can't shoot wildlife with it. The 180 f/2.8 AF is perfect for street shooting and long ports, but won't be happy doing macro, etc etc

If you are into filling your "gaps", you could consider the mentioned 105 f/2 DC. In some ways, it is preferable to the 85s - one does notice the slightly slower light-gathering, compared with the 85 f/1.4s, but you don't have any lenses in that range, and its sharpness is great for architectural closeups, statues. It's great for close-in sports ( although not really fast AF ), non-threatening children/grandchildren shots and anything else with people involved :-). If money is an issue, the 105 f/2.8 is a great value/quality ratio - love the lens, though you get what you pay for, I think the 105 DC has better IQ.

Another gap is 135mm, though maybe too close to your Sigma 150. The DC f/2 is an absolute favourite, I prefer it to the 150, although they are very close. The 135DC overall IQ seems more appealing.  Both create delightful bokeh, but I lean towards 135 f/2 OOF. The Sigma has more versatility with macro, plus the attached tripod ring, but I use the 135DC a lot more.

Again at 135mm : explore the 135mm f/2.8 - amazingly compact and lightweight. You can find them for minimal cost, the bokeh/OOF is very appealing - MF, of course, but sharp and easy to focus.

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