Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

IMO opinion a lens biggest advantage, would be not to have any serious disadvantage... From that point of view, I don't like this lens... (that's why I sold it), I know that most people, only consider sharpness when they reckon a good lens... personally I am not a "sharpness junkie" (without this meaning that I like my photography soft), I just like my lenses to be able to cope with all framing and lighting conditions and then consider sharpness... What is unforgivable IMO for a lens to do is to make it impossible to make the shot... repositioning is not a solution ...because the shot (imo) is not the same anymore... Being able to shoot at full aperture a 14mm with it being sharp across the frame, is not to my concern at all... The Zeiss 15mm and the Nikkor 14mm are the only UWs in the market that give a true UWa presentation (all others only widen the field to more than 110deg diagonal) and require the "wrap" tool to create a true UWa effect... I am among those who prefer to visualize their shots before they shoot them, I am not "hunting" photography later...


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