Sigma 19mm on NEX - Initial impressions

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Re: Sigma 19mm on NEX - Initial impressions

ebrandon wrote:

cxsparc wrote:

Thanks for sharing!

Impressive, but todn't understand your reservations for landscape use? Looks fine to me, visibly better than the kit lens.

You're right. The Sigma 19mm is probably one of our best choices today for landscapes of that focal length on NEX.

It's just that I've been ruined by seeing online samples of the world's best/biggest/most expensive wide angle lenses, so I'm still not (and probably never will be) satisfied.

Thanks ebrandon for your lens comparison. I almost clicked "buy" sigma 19mm just before I saw your test which convinced me that (after very careful examination) that sigma gives too little improvement over the kit lens @f5.6. 16-80 is still visibly sharper (e.g. structure on top of the hill/left side-border) then both kit and sigma. Picture is also more natural. Sigma is still giving swatches and blobs. I'll stick to my legacy glass, still beats sigma, and for casual shooting I decided the kit lens is good enough although still very far from perfect. I've read so many praises for sigma 19mm... but you provided the "pudding".

Maybe the test is not conclusive but good enough for me. Not to many credible comparisons out there with proof, just opinions. Yours is different. I'm sure that further testing especially kit/sigma/legacy lenses etc like you did would help lots of users out there to make the right choice. Specifically to answer a question how good is good enough compared to the best available (within reason) at any given price group to justify buying or switching to a different lens, whats the upside?

Keep up a good work.


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