D600's significant price drop and Nikon's FF policy...

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Re: D880 drops $200 on Dec. 15th....

Ronj2 wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Do you mean 9mpx & 18mpx raw by mRaw and sRaw? ...I believe that this would increase cost a lot and wouldn't increase speed, it would require a much more advanced processor... Don't forget that there is a Bayer pattern on the sensor... in fact, I don't know if 18mpx Raw is feasible at all... 9mpx it is feasible (P1 does it from P40+ and above) but isn't there a protected tech of their own...? OTOH, if it can be done, I could see that as a more expensive version of the D800E... nominal ISO would start from ...400(!!!) no? ...A 9mpx, "ultra quiet", "true color (?)" D800EX! ....Hhhmmm.

Good thought, but a little different (and little related) to current conversation... no? Not that conversations aren't to be expanded though...


If Canon can do it why can't Nikon. I don't see why the cost would go up, canon has it in their low to mid line FF bodies. With all the complaining about wanting a lower rez version of the D800 I would think this would be a cost saving solution for Nikon and give folks the D700 replacement they wanted. Not sure about he FPS though on the Canon version but if a reduced number of photosites took in the data than I would think the FPS would be potentially higher due to reduced files sizes..

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Ron J

In Canon, the M-raw is interpolated, this should't increase speed and can be done by converting the files later... The SRaw combines 4 pixels, yet it doesn't use all the color info provided by all 4 of the combined pixels, but only out of one of them..., the file is too small at 5.5mpx and there is no color or sensitivity benefit..., I don't see how by doing this on D800's sensor at 9mpx would provide a D700 replacement... The noise would be much worst than a D4 sensor with no color benefit and resolution advantage, it would be better to shoot the same with a D700 ...no? What P1 does is totally different, the sensitivity increases by 2 stops and noise drops considerably... but this is by different and expensive processing.... It's like having two cameras in One with a P65+, a true 60mpx one and a much more "quiet" 15mpx one, in which nominal sensitivity is at 200 Iso rather than the 50 Iso of the 60mpx mode.

That would be very interesting if it was happening with a D800 sensor... especially if combining the pixels would also provide true color information, i.e. the camera to have an alternative output of 9mpx, 400Iso nominal sensitivity and true color. But this would surely increase cost a lot... The proposition here, is more on how Nikon could appeal to more customers and avoid internal competition at the same time though.... and this can IMO, only be done by combining sensors and bodies a little different that they now do.


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