Recommended stereo microphones for the K5II?

Started Nov 24, 2012 | Questions thread
Ian J G Contributing Member • Posts: 668
Re: Recommended stereo microphones for the K5II?

I use the Azden stereo mic on my k5 and it works just fine.

Keep in mind different mics have different purposes; the Azden I have captures sound all around you, the complete soundscape if you will.

If, say, you want someone's voice whom you are interviewing and you want to avoid all the sound around you, you want a different sort of Mic (I also have a mono Rode video mic for that and a Lavalier mic, which is, again, for something else – it's easy to find YouTube videos about all this stuff)

But yes, the Azden I have works perfectly, no muss no fuss, and quite good sound.

Good luck


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