Wireless flash with NEX 6 problem

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Re: Wireless flash with NEX 6 problem

santiclaws wrote:

Problem is, it doesn't work for me......I just got the ADP-MAA adapter, tried it, and no go. The flash on the camera doesn't cause the other one to fire, even though both will go into "SL" on the display if you plug them into the hotshoe adapter while the camera is in wireless flash mode. The flash that's on the camera just keeps flashing without me pressing the shutter release.

Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?

It would not work if both flashes are in slave mode.

Basically, you need the flash on the hot shoe to be in Controller or Commander or Master mode; while the remote flash to be in Slave mode. Not all Metz flashes would work as a commander or controller flash (some would work as slave only). So check the specs and the instruction manual of your Metz flash to see if it can be used as a controller flash. If not, then you need to use a flash which can; or use a wireless TTL trigger such as Pixel King.

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