D600 DX mode VS D7000

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nizar ghosn
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Re: D600 DX mode VS D7000

FrankoManno wrote:

Vincent Aquilino wrote:

The nice thing about the dx crop mode is that you don't have to sell those DX lenses.Also 10mp is

fine for most people.


Reasons I bought the D600 - I can shoot FF or DX; shoot DX while waiting/saving for a new FF lens, and DX 10 megapixels is plenty good for a lot of photos. I have increased DR and better low-light performance. I can pull out a 30 year old 35-70 3.3/4.5 nikkor and use it on my D600, or pop on a Nikkor 55-300 lens that is a 110-450mm in DX on my D600 and shoot at 6400 ISO. Shoot full frame 24 megapixels and make a poster size photo, or crop significantly and still get a nice 8x10" photo. Can shoot video in high def and also slow mo.

The most versatile Nikon ever made.

Might be the last (full-size) DSLR camera I ever buy.

... Totally agreeeee ... Very nice approach dude .. Cheers

nizar out

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