Expert Opinions Appreciated : Studio Comparison Tool Of DPReview In Gauging Quality Of Cameras

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Re: Expert Opinions Appreciated : Studio Comparison Tool Of DPReview In Gauging Quality Of Cameras

The experts at dpreview worked really hard to come up with a studio test that reflects overall image quality and I think they did a pretty good job.    Of course some important things like how quickly or how often a camera auto-focuses accurately in poor light are not reflected in the posted images.  I think the staff picks the best images they get.  Or they use manual focus.  The autofocus of the camera may not settle to as good a result as what the staff gets with manual focus.

The things I find not well represented in the studio test are how good the skin tones of people come out.  And also how good landscape images with trees and grass come they appear overly posterized or more natural.

And also how good sunset and cloud images come out.   So the studio test misses my favorite subjects.  Obviously  those would be hard to set up in a small room with repeatable lighting and have available as identical inputs for use every day for different cameras.

Some common problems also are not represented in the studio test.  For instance ghosting and flare caused by the sun being too close to the area being photographed.

And some of my favorite features in some of my cameras are not tested by the studio test.  For instance, I really like the results I get using Sony cameras "handheld twilight" mode.  But that again is not really a suitable subject for a studio test.   The studio test emphasizes things that all cameras do so they can be compared on a common ground.

I have spent a lot of time playing the the image compare widget and scanning around the image and looking at results because it is easy and fun.   But I don't get too excited about small differences because in the real world, those really don't matter much at all.  I am more interested in differences between classes of sensors, like 1/2.3 inch format versusl 1/1.7 inch format.

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