my God we need a moderator

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Re: Woah! I have figured it out!!!

There really is no "Easy Button".
(Sorry haven't worked out how to do quotes yet)

Actually there is,
If you were able to give the people (us) the vote, as opposed to individual moderators,

then sooner rather then later the Trolls will eventually be banned.
Here's how,
Have a troll button, on the posts, if you think that that person is a troll then just click on the button.
One click one vote, multiple clicks dont count, clicking again turns your vote on and off, so you can only volte one per troll.
If after 50 individual people have complained that person gets banned for say two weeks, If they want to carry on and then get a further 100 complaints (150 in total) they are banned for a month,

if they carry on again, once it reached 250 complaints they are banned for life.
But make these complaints visible on their profile and across ALL forums.
That way one single moderator, who might have a beef with an individual, wont be seen as having a grudge, and now its down to the individuals to do their own policing.
I will still ignore certain people, whatever the outcome.

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