New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

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Re: New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

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I'm really sorry that happened to you! Like you, I have also been studying the XS1 and reading all I could about it. I had convinced myself that the big three, B&H, Amazon and Adorama had purged the pipeline of earier defective stock by now and were now shipping 23XXX cameras. I was just getting ready to order when I read you post. I backed away lfrom ordering like I had touched an electric fence. AaaaacK!

Part of the stunner for me was that you had spoken to a B&H sales person on the phone, and they said they were not able to guarantee the later serial number. Oh, that's really unfortunate and bad for me (and you.). I want to be able to order what I want, and if they are not able to tell the stock clerk to pull one that has a serial number starting with 23... Well, darn! B&H is the most accomodating of all the camera places that I know, so most unfortunate that they can't. That means I need to wait longer still to get the pipeline purged, and even then there is no guarantee.

I think that this attitude is more than a little naive. When I bought a camera several months ago from Adorama (in the store) the sales clerk couldn't ask for a particular model with the latest serial number. He had to have them send up one camera after another until one with a more recent serial number was located. I'm sure it's similar with B&H. They've designed their operations to be fast and streamlined, and what you're asking for will if implemented, also ripple through to slow down phone support. What you need to do is what one other person did earlier this year and find the right person to ask, such as a knowledgeable manager or the buyer. At that time he was told that all of the X10s in stock had been returned to Fuji and as of that date, B&H had the most recent X10s available. A sales person couldn't possibly know this, since that implies that they'd have similar knowledge for at least tens of thousands of other products, and such a person wouldn't be in sales or working the phones. If you want to get the kind of service you'd like to see, you're much more likely to see it from a smaller camera store with only 1 or 2 in stock, not a giant that could have hundreds in their in-store or remote warehouses. Also, some of the X10s with serial numbers starting with 21xxx have the improved sensors, so any new X10 with a serial number starting with 22xxx or 23xxx should be ok, and the XS-1s appear to have gotten the improved sensors before they were used in the X10s.


I surely hope your new one turns out to be a good one. Please come back and let us know. I will be watching for you, fingers crossed.

And if it turns out to be a good one, you do realize that the next person to order one could also end up getting one with an older serial number from the same seller. The only way to be sure you're getting what you want from B&H before paying for would be if you live close enough to the store to be able to stop in and look at the box after the sales clerk has it sent up and before the camera is sent down to the pickup area. FWIW, the serial number is clearly identified on the outside of the box.

I don't think you followed what I was saying here.  I was saying that B&H was accomodating, and if they could not do that, one would then have to wait until the pipeline were completely cleared, or there would always be a chance of not getting a good one.  The Op was a case in point.  Not being naive here at all.  A dose or reality.  I was just reacting to it and showing disappointment.

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