I need a landscape telephoto

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Re: I need a landscape telephoto

Karl Summers wrote:

I'm currently saving up for a telephoto lense that will be used primarily for landscapes. I've been looking hard at the 70-200 f/4L. I like the price and optical quaility, but i wonder can I find better optical quality without breaking the bank? The 70-200 f/4 IS reportedly has better optical quality but it also costs $1,150...about twice the price of the non IS.

This lense will be mounted on a tripod most of the time and I don't really need IS, but I want that image quality improvement that the f/4 IS provides over the older non IS f/4. Is there a non IS lense out there that would provide optics equal to the f/4 IS but at a lower price point?

Should I go third party or just stick with the $600 Canon lens?

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If you have a local camera store that will let you try both the IS and non-IS lenses try taking the same landscape pictures with both under the conditions you will most likely use it then look at the results.  If you look carefully, especially in the edges and corners you'll see the IS version is slightly sharper.  Depending on the subject you might see the IS has slightly more contrast and maybe slightly better color.  But, and this is a big but, the differences are very minor at f8 - f11.  You will most likely notice the differences shooting wide open.  Only you can determine if the slightly better IQ is worth almost double the cost for the IS version.  I chose the IS version but it was mainly to get the IS for hand holding shots in lower light - the improved IQ was just a bonus.

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