5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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I had the same problem.....

I had the same problem.  Mine only differed in that I needed around +5 with the center +16 with the outer points.  I sent it to Canon 4 times....each time they sent it back with no difference.

My solution was to use the outer points only.  I found them to be very accurate once I dialed in that +16.  However, and this might sound crazy, my dealings with Canon service infuriated me so much, I vowed to switch to Nikon if they didn't get it fixed the 4th time.  They didn't.  My 5D3 was sold yesterday.  All my lenses are for sale.  For the first time in 30 years I'm without a Canon SLR.  It was not just the MA situation, though.  My 50L also was softer on the left side than it was on the right, and they weren't able (or willing?) to fix that during the 4 trips to Canon service either.

However, if your happy with the quality of the photos your lens produces, try adjusting your MA to suit your outer focus points and use just those.  It worked like a charm for me.  Oh, and don't send your lens (or even camera and lens together...as I did and it did nothing) to Canon service....you will just be wasting your time.


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