Sony NEX-5N + LA-EA2 + SAL1650 thoughts, impressions

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Re: Sony NEX-5N + LA-EA2 + SAL1650 thoughts, impressions

I will likely pick up the LA-EA2 pretty soon for my 5n.  That said, I rather doubt I'll use my SAL1650 on it too often.  The SAL1650 is such a natural fit to my A77, but the adapter will see frequent use with my old Minolta primes (85mm F1.4, 100mm F2.8 Macro), Beercan or Tokina 11-16 F2.8.  Lick some here, I see the adapter as a way to convert the NEX into a digital back, or backup body for the A77/1650 rig.  The 1650 on the A77 is just such a splendid combination that it covers about 75% of my needs.

I also don't see using something like the 1650 as a standard lens on something as small and light as the NEX.  I just got my Zeiss 24mm 1.8 and Sony 50mm 1.8 OSS, and for casual photography the 5n and those two lenses (Zeiss for 80% of general use, 50 OSS for portraits only) can get by quite nicely without any of the bulk of SLR lenses.  In fact, often I'll leave the small bag and 50 OSS at home as well.

It was only after getting the two E mount primes that I started saving for the adapter, as size and weight to me are primary NEX attributes, making it possible to get serious image quality even when not on a photographic expedition.

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