New to DSLR and need your help

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Re:Well said and summurised.

Escaping wrote:

I am of the opinion of Tianium, considering you want a set of lenses for family:

1. get the 18-105 - it will be your most used lens, it is sharp and has fast focus - you can not beat the price / value proposition of this lens... I would not get the kit 18-55 lens ... that extra reach to 105 is usefull for portraits and better DOF.

2. get the 35/1.8 for museums and low light photography - this lens is excellent for family group picture as well (full length)

3. get the 70-300 VR -- this will be the lens for outdoors sports (soccer / baseball / hockey / football) ... I would pick this 70-300 over the 55-200 or 55-300 since you would want all the AF speed you can get for actions.

I always prefer a set of lenses over one all purpose like the 18-200. The extra value and benefits of the interchangeable lens camera is in having lenses more optimized for the situations. If you just have one all purpose lens, it is like using a sup-up P&S (or course you get other things too) .. anyway, above is my recommendation (and opinion).

Enjoy the D7000 -- it's a great camera.

Yes although the 18-200 is a great all-in-one travel lens especially when compared to the "kit" 18-55 and 55-200 but the above lens combo will comfortably out perform it.

The 16-85 and 70-300 VR is a fantastic 2 lens combo but the 18-105 is a very good and cheap substitute for the 16-85 with a bit more range to boot.


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