5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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Re: Question? Did you shoot...

talico wrote:

Did you shoot the same static subjects with the outer points?

Yes; after reading that thread I reshot everything.

If so are all the photos around the house blurry too.

Center AF spot photos fine.  Outer AF pt. photos are OOF.

My son is impossible to take good photos of with 1.2 lenses. He constantly moves. its barely noticeable, but he does. I was surprised when I started noticing how much I was moving when standing, even when I was trying to use good technique. Could it be slight movement of the subject?

Always a possibilty but I was very aware of the issue so I tried to make sure the subjects were very still.  Of course you never really know.

The center/outer test of static items suggests it is an AF discrepancy issue between the banks.

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