my God we need a moderator

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Re: my God we need a moderator

Jaelkay wrote:

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Jaelkay wrote:

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I cant believe that we don't have some form of moderation in this forum..DPR could be much better if it had that Mods

Introduce strict moderation and the free exchange of speech disappears. A number of Usenet groups I used to frequent decided to become moderated and they very quickly became a clique of like-minded persons.

If you want to destroy the forum and live in a world where only one point of view is permitted, go for it.


so you feel that you cant disagree with someone unless your rude to them ?!

Where did I suggest any such thing? I might suggest, however, you learn to comprehend what is written.


While I propose moderation in the forum, your post suggests that you advocate  no moderation and that it would in fact destroy said forum

if we extrapolate that believe I see only a forum that is rife with Trolls, rudeness and general anarchy , hence my reasoning that for you to suggest such a thing was due to the fact that your comfortable with these type of tactics and practices.

if however Im incorrect in that assumption..please accept my apologises for suggesting you of low moral fibre

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