How to post-process noisy images?

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Thanks Michael and Joms!

I recently bought Corel Aftershot, because it runs on Linux whereas Lightroom does not. Just duplicated these steps, taking liberty with setting amounts, and was able to produce an image that I preferred to both previous edits.

Noise Ninja standard is built into Aftershot. It looked better with no smoothing. I will soon send them money to unlock the advanced Noise Ninja features.

Michael Melb AU wrote step-by-step

1. Exposure and presence adjustments

2. Exposure and contrast fine tune

3.Colors adjustments allow to change separate colors to make for better image expression

4. Noise reduction and sharpening. Here drastic color NR was required , some sharpening was beneficial too.

5. Colors fine-tune - all previous adjustments made colors in shades look weird.

6. Here's a trick - adding a bit of fine grain masks digital noise and makes image look "sharper".

7. Final check - is anything overdone? Looks fine.

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