Whittle for potus.

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Re: Whittle for potus.

vadimraskin wrote:

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vadimraskin wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

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I stopped watching this dribble when Bill got to the point of telling his apparently actively eating audience that Romney and Co had accumulated $5B worth of wealth in THIS country and this wealth is now paying salaries and car payments for the workers. In THIS country? He must've ate something funny before his speech. Romney and Co had STOLE a whole bunch of wealth out of THIS country and shipped to China and Asia. Who is kidding who here? Romney did accumulate a lot of wealth for his investors and made himself a very rich man, this is true.

Please name one thing Romney stole.

Sensata, Ill, just the latest.


Your link does not work. Are you making reference to the following:


I fail to understand what Romney stole. Could you explain it for me?

I said Romney and Co. He might be out of active business but his Company (from which he gets a nice chunk of change now and then) is still alive and doing what he started.

Alright. But what or how did Romney and Co. steal and from whom?

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