New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

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Re: New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

kdoubleu wrote:

Well, after reading everything I could find on the XS1 here and deciding that it was fianally safe to order

one free of all of the issues I eagerly waited for delivery. The UPS driver rang the bell and handed me

the package. I couldn't get the box open fast enough. The first thing I checked was the serial number

it started with a 22. The next thing I checked was the lens extended and it moved way to much. My

heart sank and I immediately placed a call to B&H customer service. Needless to say I didn't have it 30

minutes packed it up drove it back to UPS so back on the truck it goes. I asked for a replacement with a

proven serial number from the readers here only to be told that they couldn't guarentee that the order

pullers would read the notes but I have faith that B&H will come through for me and will wait for the

door bell to ring once again. I just don't undertsand why Fuji would let it's customers and vendors go

through all of this if they know what serial numbers are defective. So for now I am still hopeful that I

will receive a good one and really enjoy this camera after reading and contemplating it's purchase for

so long.

I'm really sorry that happened to you!  Like you, I have also been studying the XS1 and reading all I could about it.  I had convinced myself that the big three, B&H, Amazon and Adorama had purged the pipeline of earier defective stock by now and were now shipping 23XXX cameras.  I was just getting ready to order when I read you post.  I backed away lfrom ordering like I had touched an electric fence.  AaaaacK!

Part of the stunner for me was that you had spoken to a B&H sales person on the phone, and they said they were not able to guarantee the later serial number.  Oh, that's really unfortunate and bad for me (and you.).  I want to be able to order what I want, and if they are not able to tell the stock clerk to pull one that has a serial number starting with 23... Well, darn!  B&H is the most accomodating of all the camera places that I know, so most unfortunate that they can't.  That means I need to wait longer still to get the pipeline purged, and even then there is no guarantee.

I surely hope your new one turns out to be a good one.  Please come back and let us know.  I will be watching for you, fingers crossed. 

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kind regards

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