EOS M- just as bad, if not worse, than reviewd

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Re: EOS M- just as bad, if not worse, than reviewd


Went over to BH to do some camera research last night (5dm3...drool)

The EOSM....no love. I was there for all of two hours and only one person asked about it. Such a lonely camera. So before i headed out, i decided to give it a try.


Dear lord, the AF. Its just as bad as you may have read. The AF is even slower than my g12, which certainly doesnt get any af awards. But to the degree that it is slow, is stupefying. It is literally slow to a point where you wonder why, why would they sell something like this. The g12 i can live with, and i was hoping to have the M as a candidate for travel. the bokeh is pretty nice on perspective exaggerated shots with the 22/f2.
I can only guess in regard to the canon engineer who wanted to hurt himself after seeing what marketing did to his creation.

What a waste.

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Plenty of people on here who have bought it are happy with it - me included. I have a 40D and 5D2 and of course its not as quick to focus as those, but its not anywhere near as bad as you make out. Ive been able to take very nice images with it, in places and event where I would never have taken the 40D and certainly not the 5D - and thats what this camera is all about.

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