About to buy camera for wife

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Re: About to buy camera for wife

Nikeman123 wrote:

going to pick up the d5100 tomorrow. I think she is going to love this camera. I havreally persistent about us not getting each other anything this year and to just focus on our daughter and family members so she is not expecting a thing from me. She even said today that we should at least spend $20 on each other just so we can have something to open. Lol. She's either going to be really mad or really excited.

Up till this last statement I was with the guys saying you should give her a coupon for the camera, but if this is what she is expecting and you want her to get a nice camera, I think you made the right choice.  It will be a little harder to be mad at you with that camera in hand.  I just bought the D5100 for myself yesterday (7-10 shipping days) and think it was the best choice.

Now you have something to start at for each subsequent holidays.  There is always something that can go with a camera.  Let me tell you to start at Jo Totes for some amazing looking camera bags (look like purses).   When is her birthday?

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