super zoom camera for Bird Flighting, Landscape - HX200 ?

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Stephen McDonald
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I'm Very Pleased by My HX200V

I like my HX100V, but soon after getting an HX200V, I judged it to have sharper and cleaner photos and videos, than the older model. I think the HX200V has quicker and sharper autofocus and the image-stabilizer is better for video, as well as going out to 1,250mm in zoom. All its functions are much faster than those of the HX100V. It's ability to hold a tight tracking autofocus with video is amazing. if you haven't watched this video of mine, take a look at how it locks on to a distant subject and holds a death-grip on it:

I recently gave my HX100V another trial and then went back to the newer model. I've learned ways to avoid smearing and noise and to get the most from this type of camera. It's a matter of practicing a lot and becoming familiar enough with the camera to be able to get the most out of it.

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