Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Installing OS on SSD from HDD

indusphoto wrote:

But how can I install the OS on SSD without Windows 7 installation CD? I have read about receovery disks. But does it really work? Anybody did the same? If yes, can you please give me some steps?

Personally, I hate these OEM recovery systems; I much prefer to have a real Windows DVD and to make my own images.

Therefore, what I do is:

1. Download an official Windows ISO from here and burn to disk:

2. Ensure I have made backup copies of any special drivers that came with and/or are required by your new system. And any Dell utilities that you really want/like.

3. Perform a clean install from scratch using the Windows serial that came with the system.

This should result in an installation that is 100% clean (sans crapware) and 100% legit.

P.S. And you'll already have a "real" Win 7 DVD in case you need it for repairs, recovery, rebuild, redeployment etc.

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