GX1 + Canon FD 85mm/1.8 getting funky

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Re: GX1 + Canon FD 85mm/1.8 getting funky

Sigma218 wrote:

I'm relatively new to the forum. A proud owner of a GX1. These are the first pics I've seen from a GX1 using premium Canon portrait glass. Very impressive. Yeah, 1600 ISO is the ceiling. But these are as good as my old Sony A700 with a Sigma prime. Awesome job.

I am still debating if an adapter is worth it or to wait for Sigma and Pany to make a lens like that. But that's one of the greatest lenses of my lifetime (they still go for $600-$900 used). Seems totally justified here.

This is an FD lens.  I don't know much about Canon but I thought the L-lenses were the top ones?  These FD lenses are pretty cheap.  I got this one for about a 100.

I don't know if you realize but these adapted lenses double the focal length. So on GX1 this is actually a 170mm lens.  Olympus makes a $900 75mm/1.8 which is a similar length but the price difference is just too much for me.   I just got a 50mm/1.8 FD lens that on m43 is 100mm lens.  At least I can use the same adapter

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