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Re: Current 40D owner contemplating upgrade

Y Hafting wrote:

qianp2k, you are assuming that i would use the same lense and rather change perspective if i changed between crop and FF. If i were about to change camera in the field, that might be true, but personally, if i upgraded to FF, i would probably more often bring my 50mm 1.4 in situations i'd use 28mm 1.8 today (these are the primes i have),- which would lead to almost "equivalent" images if i tried to achieve the same DOF ('equivalent' according to the definition at this site: )

Wow, that is a real encyclopedia to study with You seem are fascinated by DOF but actually I believe you mean to FOV or perspective of photo. Put aside FOV that I will talk in next paragraph, let’s address to DOF first. As the scenarios I gave by using 50L/1.2 as an example in last post, you should not really worry about DOF difference between FF and crop. As a matter of fact FF actually gives you more flexibility to control DOF. For example f/5.6 on FF is enough for most landscapes DOF.  You can further down to f/8 without worrying about diffraction in Canon current FF models. Then you can use fast prime or zoom to achieve much shallower DOF in close-up portrait for a creamy look and nicer background blur that just looks much better than APS-C. The only case as I said in last post that APS-C has an advantage in deeper DOF is that if you really want background looks sharper when you do in close-up portrait when you unable to stop down such as in evening portrait shooting in hand-held. But the difference is not that big even in that case as you can stop down 1-2 stops to get deeper FOV to get similar FOV as FF enjoys 1-1.5 stops advantage in high ISO noise. Do you know if you shoot from the same point, APS-C is actually has shallower DOF than FF due to narrower angle?  In order to frame the same subject into the same portion, you'd need to move closer with a FF camera then you will get a shallower DOF. The DOF Calculator explains all these.

I have no doubt however that the 50mm 1.4 mounted on a FF would be much more fun to work with than the 28mm 1.8 on a crop camera, and i am not sure i would want to go for "equivalent" images, when FF allowes me to do something i could not do with the crop camera.

Now let’s return to FOV or perspective of photo that I think you actually mean. I agree the same lens on FF and crop will give you different perspective, of course. So let me use this lens 28/1.8 lens as an example. 28mm on FF is defined as a WA lens mainly for landscape and street shots or group of people portrait but not really ideal for individual portrait due to perspective. You’d need to move pretty close to fit a person into most parts of frame but that result to higher distortion. The same lens will be 44mm FF eq FOV on APS-C, pretty ideal normal lens for a full body portrait lens. On FF to give similar FOV, I agree 50/1.4, or much cheaper 50/1.8 or new 40/2.8 STM Pancake is more suitable for the same purpose. 85/1.8 will be nice indoor and outdoor half-body portrait lens on FF. Then the same lens on crop will be too long for indoor and still too long outdoor unless you have to step back to a distance. In general all EF lenses on FF perform better or much better than on APS-C if you frame the subject into the same portion that means you move closer with FF camera. FF widely regarded is better for landscape, studio and portraiture while crop is better for extra effective reach.

So in a way im already convinced on which path i would like to go, i just need to sort my funding and determine what gives me most value for my money. I just hope that the 6D will turn out to be good in terms of outer focus point accuracy & perhaps drop a little bit in price for january..

You can find a few 6D samples (in JPEG however) in this forum that look very nice. 6D seems a nice camera that I have no doubt. The price will drop in next 6-12 months but I doubt will be in January as it is just releasing into market these days. It really depends on what’s your priority if you only can pickup one camera. Or better keep your 7D/60D and get a new FF for both purposes.

Gook luck for your choice and happy in photography.


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