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Re: You mean the diff is *not* huge?

Billx08 wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

Did you examine the full size images?

Yes I did.

After downloading, they're 4.5mb and 4.6mb. What I found was that the X10's image was much more detailed on the left side, only slightly better in the center, and the XF1 showed more detail on the right side. Holy crap.

I did not see that. Guess I should look again and squint more.

Did you look at other ISO values other than 100?

No, only ISO 100. I'd say the differences were fairly large and hard to miss, but not huge. The difference between either of these and any of the F##EXR cameras would probably be huge. If you quickly toggle between the two images looking at the same parts of the images, it's easy to see. If you just look at one image and scroll around, getting an idea of how good (or bad) the image looks and then do the same with the other, it's probably easier to 'remember' them looking similar. I'd say that the round "PS 69 PROPORTIONAL SCALE" on the lower right side of the Still Life 100 photos may not actually be sharper in the XF1 photo, but it looks a lot better due to it having greater contrast. On the other hand, from the left side to the center, the X10's image definitely shows more detail, and I didn't have to squint or use glasses to see the difference.

Something else that I noticed is that I didn't have to use the downloaded images to see the differences, because looking at the full sized images in Firefox made them HUGE. Irfanview had to enlarge the images to almost 174% to get the same magnification as Firefox. If you look at the multi-colored fabric swatches on the upper left side, the X10's image shows detail that's completely missing from the XF1's photo.

Those were pretty much my conclusions as well -but- overall the X10 is doing better and let's not forget that one gives up the faster lens of the X10 for the pocketability of the XF1 - but for low light at wide angle the XF1 is a nice travel companion.

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