How can you say your an Atheist...

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Re: How can you say your an Atheist...

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you are a liar, an idiot, and a troll.

A new member and already a jerk unless your other name is Marcamera...

Primitive people had strong moral rules of behavior. This is well documented.

Strangely enough they had such rules and behavior without any organized religion at all.

Our morality derives from our evolution as a Social Animal.

What does a belief in God have to do with simple common sense ideas which allow Social Animals to live Socially?

Oddly enough, the Christian God allows anyone to ​break all the rules of behavior, as long as they repent later.

We Atheists have no such escape valve...


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Your escape valve is to get baptize ;-). Speaking of baptism, majority of you here WERE NOT BAPTIZE, is this right?

I was babtized (as if I had a choice as a baby) but refused to be confirmed.

Doesn't matter. Infant baptism isn't Biblical anyway.

It is one of the Sacraments and I am sure many of Atheists here had experienced it. Don't deny...

The only reason baby's were baptized at such an early age was as I am lead to believe by the church was, with the infant mortality rate so in times gone by any baby that wasn't baptized and died would go in to purgatory/limbo and stay there for all eternity.  This has only been changed in the last few years by the Catholic church, and the pearly gates have opened to millions of lost soles. ( found it very funny how some one on earth could do this).


Ps: This also applied to people that dyed before the cumming of Christ, glad heaven didn't close it's boarders. A?

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You don't need a long neck to be a goose, do ya?

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