Why did you buy an X series???

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Re: Why did you buy an X series???

thanks. I completely agree about the systems and love alt lenses.  used distance focusing for the most part but for me the xpro was a tad jaggy when it came to the evf (orig firmware). I miss the ovf and should of probably tested the new firmware with an alt lens, but i love the evf on the xe1

Canon adapter just showed up today.

Love most Pentax glass.

junyo wrote:

Those are beautiful shots ahuyevshi. And good advice, especially regarding adapted glass. One of the huge advantages of the reduced registration distance MILC mounts is it allows you to be relatively agnostic about lenses, assuming you don't mind manual focus. My main system is Pentax, and my MF Pentax lenses work better on the XPro then they do on a modern Pentax body. And I've picked up a couple of cheap Nikon primes to play with. And adapters are running pretty cheap these days.

ahuyevshi wrote:

Have you considered any 3rd party lenses for the m4/3 format? My only gripe with it was noise, but other than that I loved my E-P2.. Immensely.

I only had the panny 1.7 which was good, but the focus by wire drove me nuts. Picked up a few adapters.. Canon FD, M and Nikon and began using almost all alt lenses..

Favorite is Canon FD 35mm F/2 and the nokton 35 1.4. The 2x crop was a PITA as well because even with my widest lens (15mm nokton) 30mm just wasn't enough..

That said.. still LOVED my Pen2 and it made me dig the M6 out of storage to go back to street photography.

These were all shot with manual lenses on the Pen2

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