Graduated Density Filters

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Re: Graduated Density Filters

I have the 24-70 lens, as well. I screw the Cokin 77mm threaded adapter ring into the front of the lens. Then, I slide the Cokin "P" holder onto the adapter ring until it snaps into place. This permits the use of the larger Pro series Cokin filters. I have both the Cokin P121S gradual neutral grey G2 soft filter and the Cokin P121M gradual neutral grey G2 medium filter. The P121s provides 0.9 (3 stops) difference between sky and ground. The P121M provides a lesser 0.6 (2 stops) difference. I like a lighter sky/ground effect. Therefore, I seem to always use the lesser P121M filter. But, it's a matter of personal preference. The method you are suppose to employ to figure out the correct filter to use is to meter the ground first. Then, meter the sky. The difference in F-stops in those two readings supposedly determines which filter to use (i.e.; a 1 stop difference requires the use of a 0.3 filter. If the difference is 2 stops, a 0.6 filter is required. If the difference is 3 stops, a 0.9 filter is required. The various Cokin graduated grey filters are shown at:

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