Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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Re: As an uninterested observer.....

ToTheEnd wrote:

Said differently, the hassle is to have a camera that can't do a good AF 2 times out of 5 and having to pay more money to fix it.

You've been reading the autofocus problems with the d800, right?  Good luck with that.

If you had AF problems with your camera, you should have had it addressed while it was under warranty.  If the problem happened after the warranty ran out, get it fixed I bet it'll cost less than $2000 to fix.  I read you'll lose about $2000 after it's all done, so why not just have your camera fixed and you'll not have to try and sell a bunch of gear to buy equivelant items of a different brand?  Or you can buy a 6D for $2100 and then sell your 5D and end up better off than switching brands and losing $2000.

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