D800 handheld hype nonesense - model shot handheld with 200/f2 at 1/30

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Re: It's not a D4-Lite.

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Looked through some your stuff. It looks like you spit on the lens and photographed from outside a house through a window with venetian blinds.
Anyway, the D800 camera is specifically designed for studio and landscape work where there will be no movement at all. And obviously, in that circumstance it would always make more sense to photograph with a tripod. The D800 has a frame-rate of several years ago. It's not meant for any kind of speed at all, but rather in a studio or outside in front of natural beauty where the photographer has all the time he wants to set up a shot.
When you take several minutes to take one single picture, you're going to find that handheld doesn't compare very well to that tripod, and then the camera should also be used with a remote shutter and live-view to obtain exact focus, and then mirror-up to omit the mirror-slap.
Now you can use a D800 anyway you see fit. It's a camera and it's yours, so enjoy it. But you're trying to use a D800 (a studio/landscape camera) like a D4 (a moving objects camera).

Your assertion that handheld is as good as a tripod doesn't even make any sense. You're not using the camera as it was intended. You're using it like it was a poorman's D4. Your conforming it to what you want it to be, but that doesn't make it a D4-Lite.
You don't need sharp lenses for models anyway. Especially after all the softening that happens to people's skin during post-processing. But yeah, if you want the trees WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY in the background of a landscape photograph to be as sharp as possible, then the very best glass possible is going to help you get that done.
None of this proper technique use is new of course, it's just that with the resolving power of a D800, a person can make a more significant difference between acceptably blurry and tack sharp. I'm certain that if you took pictures of a dead unmoving body as a model that you could get discernably sharper images if you took several minutes to set up your shot. But your models are alive and the methods of using the camera are worlds apart from one another. So your tripod would probably just get in the way of your work, but it's a neccessary tool for the kind of photography that camera was specifically designed to capture. The D800/D800e camera body is the best DSLR ever made for this work, and those who call themselves studio photographers are tethered to a computer and their camera is on a tripod, and those who call themselves landscape photographers have their camera on a tripod.
A D4 would work well for this studio/landscape work, but it was made for photojournalism, models, weddings, sports, etc. It would be somewhat wasted with its extreme frame-rate and intergrated battery grip. Just like there's really no good reason for you to have a 36MILLION PIXEL camera for something that will probably never be printed or only be printed on sheet sized papers; while a Landscape Photographer may be interested in printing out a panorama on 40" roll paper.

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