Too much Photoshop or is this still good?

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Re: Just a play. . .

The thing is this is the first time we see this image.  In this forum when people point something out to you, especially if you have asked for a critique you will get responses that you may not like.  If you intend to keep visiting this forum it would be to your advantage to not be so thin skinned about what you read here.

Most of the people here are extremely helpful and there are few to almost no trolls in this forum.  A play as done by mikes is just that a play and not meant to be a reflection or even an improvement of your efforts.

Start a new thread using this new image and ask people to have a "play" with it, you will be surprised at what you will get.

BTW, I looked at your website before I posted my original comment and I know you are more capable of producing very good images, more so than what you first posted here.

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mdziados wrote:

Or we could go with the original with very minimal editing done as I intended the point of this post to be about.

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