Why I'll be returnig the V1

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Re: Why I'll be returnig the V1


VOk so I picked up the V1 for $350 the other day from Amazon. For the price it can't be that bad, I figured. After using it for a couple days I reached a verdict.

For a P&S camera purpose the V1 is pretty good considering the price, BUT, the image quality simply is not there. It CANNOT be a substitude for a DSLR. Not even close. I'm not talking ISO 1600 and up, I'm talking broad daylight shots. ISO 200 max. Even at such low ISOs, the IQ simply sucks compared to a DSLR. (my gear consists of a D700. I've also used a D40, D90, D200, D300, well pretty much all modern Nikon bodies except the D3 and up series. ) So I have a pretty good reference point on which to judge image quality.

There is simply too much grain even at base ISOs, especially on human skins. If your human subject is in the shadow, the face will have tons of noise and grain, and they cannot be recovered without creating even more noise and grain. And the kit 10-30 lens sucks quite a bit as well.

I decided that I'm better off carrying a D90/18-105 kit for not much more weight, but it will give me so muhc better image quality. The V1 currently is too much of a compromise for still photography. I like the video quality a lot though, but I'm a stills photography person first.

I don't know, maybe i'll keep it just for video...

But seriously, at base ISOs I think a Canon G15 or a P7700 has better IQ.

Your experience says far more about you and your expectations than it does about the V1. Just take a read of this just to balance off your experience as an expert vs another well regarded expert.


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