LX5 or LX7

Started Nov 30, 2012 | Questions thread
trevmar Senior Member • Posts: 2,469
Re: I would buy the LX5....

I have two LX5 an LX7 and an FZ200. I don't use the LX5 much these days. Here are the reasons

Pro LX5:

Better sensitivity in low light video

f1.4 lens of LX7 does give depth of focus limitations

Pro LX7:

Better resolution in video, poorer low light sensitivity in video, but adequate at f1.4

Better menu display

Better film mode selection - "Normal" mode

f1.4 lens with manual aperture ring allows better portrait and macrocomposition

There are more issues, but these are the ones that come quickly to mind. Mainly I use the FZ200 due to its ability to record FullHD video more for than 30 minute clips, the review mode which holds the last image until you touch the shutter again, and its better zoom and focus.

If you don't film much video, and don't fixate on bokeh and the manual aperture ring, the LX5 is an adequate all-around choice

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