Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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Re: Really worth it?

Kodachrome200 wrote

d800 compressed raw at 14 bit is more like 50mb

there is no such thing as small raw. canon made it up for photographers who dont know better. the d800 provides cropped options and actually implement the feature quite well. Small raw files are demosaiced already and therefore DO NOT still possess the advantage of a raw file

on the sony count SLT's are not SLRs the disadvantages are significant id stay well away

Since the uncompressed option is there, I pointed out the maximum size a RAW can reach.

I don't know the mechanics of the small RAW, but I know that it works. And since I have used myself applications that convert the huge .NEF files into smaller .DNG, I can't see why the OOC small RAW is any different. The OP might know better. But anyway, I'm trying to point out that there are issues with Nikon as well and a change in systems is not always panacea.

As for SONY, the SLT design disadvantages give a couple of advantages as well. I would better call them compromises. But I think there is no need to bother the OP with SONY since he seems to have his mind set. Since he's changing systems, I thought he might want to try a new way of taking pictures. Of course picking up a whole new system just for trying isn't ideal, but hey...

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