Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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Re: OP...told ya.

jonrobertp wrote:

No one has a different answer about the flash compensation because there is none. I read the manual 3 times or more, did all the things it said, and got my answer not from there, but from the shop manager, and eventually there was one, yes only one person on dpr that told me the truth as I found it to be. You can't use EC effectively (to vary the flash ratio) on any of the camera modes except M. And that kinda sucks.

So go to a large retail pro store, and they will confirm this. These guys won't cause if they've never shot w Canon's flash system a lot, they won't miss what Nikon doesn't offer. Simple truth. I know you want a second opinion, but you will need to go to someone at a shop...or find out for yourself, even better. You are stuck with what the body decides to do, unless you shoot only in M while using the hotshoe flash. FYI.

what are you talking about. you can easily change the power ratio between multiple flashes in ittl. you can also change the general level of the flash compared to ambient light.

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