7D owners did you consider Sony SLT-A77

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Re: 7D owners did you consider Sony SLT-A77

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

crazybadger wrote:

the 40D and 50D did sports just fine before the arrival of the 7D

That was a different situation - there was nothing better available at the time so you arranged yourself with the mediocre capability of the focusing system. That changed dramatically with the 7D. I have been using the xxD up to and including the 50D and then switched to the 7D - today I wouldn't even consider buying the 60D if the budget allows for the 7D along some good lenses.

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Karl Günter Wünsch

The person I replied to said that shooting kids running around required a 7D as the 60D wouldn't be able to do the job. Obviously the 7D is better for action if you are pushing the limits, I grab for my own 7D when I know I am going out to shoot BIF. But kids running around is not going to come close to pushing the limits of the 60D, it does just fine for most things, including a lot of BIF as did the 40 and 50D before it.  For many people the 60D is a perfectly good camera. Just because you can afford the more expensive tool doesn't mean you need it to achieve the same goals.

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