14/2.8 tokina style MF why?

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Re: 14/2.8 tokina style MF why?

Den Sh wrote:

I'd preorder it without even looking at the price tag. Real manual focus. f/1.4. Relatively compact and lightweight. 35mm field-of-view equivalent. What else can you possibly wish for.

You could wish for quite a bit really, depending on your intended use for the lens.  It might be a stunner - and I hope it is - but I would prefer to see some tests before jumping to that conclusion.

I can't speak specifically for the Fuji 23mm/1.4.   No-one can yet.  The 23mm/f1.4 may be every bit as good or better than (say) the 23mm/f2 in the X100, but the world is also full of fast WA lenses that sacrifice performance characteristics for speed.

Have a look around at test reports of some very fast WA lenses......it isn't all good.  They're often razor sharp in the centre but very soft in the corners at wider apertures.  And it's not like they're designed for portrait applications.  The corners sharpen up as you stop down, but the performance is diffraction limited much earlier than slower lenses.  Not so good for f8.  Fast lenses often vignette more, distort more, flare more or produce more CAs.   This might suit some and/or might be addressed in PP, but personally I live in hope of WA lenses that deliver nice sharp even performance right across the aperture range, are flare and CA resistant and render straight lines as straight lines.  There are lots that don't.  Let's see what it's like......


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