Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Re: Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

olindacat wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

It is easy to be wise after the event.

Nikon Pro Service membership provides priority service, and usually a loan camera if repairs are likely to take more than 3 days.

Bear in mind you have to get the camera to Nikon - and they have to get a loan or repair back to you - which can take a week - or more depending on where you are.

Conventional camera insurance can pay for the repair or (as seems probable from the description) a replacement - though insurance cover for pro use is relatively expensive.

Mack type warranties usually cover mechanical breakdown rather than the sort of accidental damage your camera seems to have suffered.

If you buy from Calumet they often provide a loan while your equipment is being repaired - but I do not know the detail of this scheme.

The bottom line is, for tight deadlines, have back up equipment or hire locally. You might as a result loose money on the current job but you keep your professional reputation intact.

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Leonard Shepherd
Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

Thanks for the advice, but somehow I must've failed to elaborate: I have three (3) back-up cameras. Work is being done. Just not at the quality level I might have liked. Now only because the camera as, as Pearl said, "toast", did I try to ask that protocol be observed, but sped up. I have no idea how many claims they process each day, how many special requests they get. My own point of this post is to document how things go down when one is in a 'pinch'.

As the saying goes bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on anyone else's.

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