Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Everyone on this forum is selfish. What is new about that?

RicksAstro wrote:

olindacat wrote:


I never felt entitled. I am just documenting how it's going. Do I want it to move faster? Yes. I do not feel entitled.

If you were "just documenting", you would do so on your local computer. If it's just a normal handling of a Warranty (which it sounds like by all accounts), then what makes you think the DPR community is the least bit interested in your "documentation"?

You are putting it here for your own selfish purposes to leverage PC Nation/Mack to get your camera fixed faster. There's no other reason I can think of to publish your hum-drum "documentation" of a normal Warranty event here.

Everyone involved seems to be doing what one would expect (especially in light of Sandy) except you.

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I have read countless threads of people complaining about everything under the sun here. Why do you think they are doing it? Generosity?

Grow up.

You bet I am posting what transpires with Mack and PC Nation here for my own selfish reasons. What of it? Do you post here on this forum as a pure giver, because you have so much kindness in your heart?

I admit I was upset at the way things were handled. This is about managing expectations from the onset. Words can go along way.

To infer that I have no regard for those who suffered as a result of Sandy is baseless, ignorant, and judgmental.

The fact of the matter is we are all buyers of cameras, lenses, computers, cards, and warranties and insurance. How we are treated by vendors is one reason to even read forums. That's how I checked out Pearl and PC Nation. If I hadn't found someone's self-serving and utterly hum-drum comments about her, I might have passed. The sword, Rick, cuts both ways.

As of today:

Yesterday, while shooting with my back-ups, I got a voice message. No details, just a request that I call back. I called but they were closed. I called again this morning, about 4:21 pm EST, and they were also closed.

Meanwhile, Pearl emails me today asking if I've heard anything.

She reveals that I am getting a new camera. What can I say?

So far, two weeks since the loss, and rumor of good news sounds very encouraging. Shooting with back-up cameras and doing fine, but the 30% smaller file size does give me much less 'reach', and no: I am not carrying a 500 mm 2.8 on lava rocks.

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