Photographing beer - how to diffuse single flash for photos of glass and bottles?

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Re: Photographing beer - how to diffuse single flash for photos of glass and bottles?

I had a similar problem except that I was trying to capture a mural that had been painted onto a very reflective wall. No matter where the flash was placed, you would get a hotspot because of direct reflections. And sadly, the mural spanned the length of the wall, so there was no way to indirectly light it.

I turned to cross-polarization to solve my problem. I already had a circular polarizer for my lens. All I needed to do was purchase some polarizer gels for my flashes (I used two). Essentially, I cut two gels from the large sheet I received and placed one on each flash making sure that the gels ran in the same direction. I then had to adjust the circular polarizer such that it was 90 degrees to the gels on the flash and it almost entirely removed any trace of glare. I had to do maybe 5-10 minutes of cleanup in Photoshop and the image came out pretty amazing.

Here's the wall before cross-polarization:

Here is the final image after cross-polarization and a bit of clean-up in Lightroom/Photoshop:

The nice thing is that the gels are completely re-usable, but they do break down over time when exposed to heat (from the flash).

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