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I have used Phottix Stratos II (not the multi-5-n-1) and love them

Same here... bought ST-E3-RT + two 600EX-RT. Gave up on the radio system because of a fatal design flaw (acknowledged by Canon Support). Got Phottix Stratos II's since I shoot with manual flash control. It simply works. The Stratos is like a Ferrari while the Canon radio system is like a Citron 2CV. However the Stratos II is manual control only and no HSS ! If you need either go for the Phottix Odin system... which unfortunately is significantly more expensive.


What's the fatal design flaw in the new radio system?

Jay in Toronto

The flash report recycling to the radio master without delay and "recycle-done" with a 0.5-1 second delay. The effect is that if you shoot the flashes (with external power) at 1/8 power at 8 FPS (7D max FPS), the radio system will stop firing the flashes after about 3 frames (when they have to recycle for a fraction of a second) and you get 4-8 black frames even though the very brief recycle has been completed before the next frame. With the the Stratos II the flashes will continue to fire until they really need to recycle longer than the the inter-frame delay - just as they do when mounted directly in the camera hot-shoe.

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