What does the OVF offer that makes it desireable?

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Re: What does the OVF offer that makes it desireable?

I suppose that for those of us who have shot with optical viewfinders for many years (I have basically been doing so since the 60s) there is a big difference. Frankly I have yet to see an EVF that I find acceptable though I do own an XE-1 and tolerate it. When it comes to saying it's 'faster' think of it not so much as how fast it takes to compose, focus and shoot as much as the (what I consider) very irritating instant when I look through and the view may be way too light or too dark as the EVF itself adjusts to the lighting of the subject matter. With an OVF I can just look through and I immediately see what's going on. With an EVF...well, as I said...it can be irritating. Whatsmore, it always seems that there is a struggle to make out details in some objects at times with the EVF. Very often things are just too bright, or too dim. With optics, it just never seems to be that struggle. On the other hand, with an OVF you don't get the benefit of 100% view in most cameras, you don't have the benefit of seeing the zoom happen accurately, and for that matter, the frame lines are usually not all that accurate either. So there are trade-offs with either system and I guess whichever works for you is the one to choose.

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